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Sometimes someone says an unusual phrase that would be a good name for a band. At some point in 2005 I decided to start keeping a list of such names. Consider it my tribute to Dave Barry.

I'll be adding more names as I discover them, as well as accepting suggestions from all of you. Bear in mind, however, that the best band names are things that you happen to hear or say by chance. Don't sit down and try to think of names--the best ones have a story behind them.

If you form a band with one of these names, or someone you know does, or you find out about one, let me know so I can add a note.

That said... the list. [Newish items marked with a star.]

Acidic Juice
Agile Beaver
Anne Points [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
The Automatic Emergency Defibrillators
Barbara Cannot be Ignoble
Bouncers and Goat Cheese
Box of Surprise [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
Cap'n Ahab 'n' the Whalers [From Ben, 11-26-05]
Casual Wombat [From amberfoxwing, 11-30-05]
Caveman Bozo
Cell Phone Terrorists
Diseased Armadillo [From amberfoxwing, 12-19-05]
Drawing Naked People
Dr. Kevorkian and the Nuclear Sex Toys [From Ben, 11-26-05]
Dying Geriatrics
The Edge of Fancy
Educated Eggdicator
Enough About Skanks...
Female Samurai
Feminine Daze
Firewood ICE
Fish Comma Giant [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
Flaming Pants
Floral Authority
Forks Leak
Frostbite Lawsuit
Full-Fledged Resident Nudist
Garlic Naan
Gaseous Pope
Graphite Fornication
Hellhouse Temple
Herpes Comma Oral [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
Horizontal Icicle
Icing Flowur
Indistinct [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
The Infibulators
Jacket of Shame [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
Jurassic Monotony
The Juvenile Urbanites
Katie's Wednesday
K-hat and Q-bar
Knots and Rickles
Lacy Jeans
Laudable Peon [From strwberrySHORTcake, 12-2-05]
The Last Moments of Waking
Lesbians in Eden
Limbo Like a Lizard
Liquid Burger
Lobotomy Maiden [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
Lupine Delinquency
Morbid Fruit
My Funniest Jesus Experience
Mythical Biscuits [From silvermoonlight55555, 5-16-06]
:star: Negatory Blue [11-12-06]
New and Improved Cobra
Nomad Gonad
Nuclear Mermaid
Ostentatious Salamander
The Overly Caffeinated Locusts
Pajama Pants of Innocence [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
The Perfect Ankles
Pink Argyle Sweatervest [From amberfoxwing, 11-30-05]
Plastic Pumpkins [From amberfoxwing, 5-14-06]
Pubic Access [From Paul, 11-26-05]
Pulsating Shoe
Psychotic Dreamworld
Purple Duck Snorts
Red Cheetah
Rights to Cloth
Rusty Staples
The Salubrious Hyenas
The Same, Half an Hour Later
Sexual Bankruptcy
Slabs of Shakespeare
Slap Your Whiskers
Spiritual Bingo
Sunglasses of Tourism [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
Tastes Like Awesome
Tell it Slant [astonishme's favorite]
Thompson is Tardy
Twisted Cubic
Uncle Peanut
Unusual Discharge [From RuseOfPoison, 5-4-06]
The Wealthy Hippies
Whimsical Doughnuts
Who's Denny?
World's Dumbest Virgin [From astonishme, 9-13-06]
:star: Zamboni Monopoly [11-12-06]


Le Scribe Arbitraire
United States

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laaaaaaa :la:
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Deepasarus Featured By Owner May 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Matt!

It's Deepa from PCDS. I'm going to MIT this fall and I wanted your help and guidence when it comes to dorms/dining/etc. I'm glad I know someone who goes here.

Any advice for an incoming undergrad?
birthdays Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
:w00t: :dance: :cake: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :cake: :dance: :w00t:

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Birthdays Team
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Hey Matt!

This is Deepa from PCDS (incase you don't remember me)

I got your account from Katie! Cool drawings :)

How's MIT?
RandomScribe Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2007

Things are going pretty well here. Busy, of course. I'll try to get some more of those drawings up when I have a chance.
Deepasarus Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great! I can't wait to see them.
JuliusCesar Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2007
Someone went on an uploading spree last week. Oy vey. Had a bunch of sketches just laying around?
Fiidchell Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the comment. I'm so glad you are still around. :thanks:
astonishme Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2006
I just decided to give Deviantart a looksee again after, oh, nearly a year, and I saw you commented on my Russian paper, which I haven't looked at in ages. See, I couldn't even write about assassination without a love story. *sighs*
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